Mt Calvary Cemeteries in Burlington, VT (Owned by St Joseph Cathedral)

10,448 Burials from 1938 to 2016

Maps of the Cemeteries

Burials by Name

Burials by Plot Number


1= Old Mount Calvary Between Archibald and Pomeroy Streets in the Old North End
2=Mount Calvary Annex Between Pomeroy Street and North Street in the Old North End
3=New Mount Calvary On Plattsburg Avenue in the New North End

Definition of the Plot Number: Example 3-B-047

3 = New Mt Calvary Cemetery
B = Area (Cemetery 1 has A only; Cemetery 2 has A and B; Cemetery 3 has many areas
047 = Lot

There is also a book of Gravestone Inscriptions of the 3 Mt Calvary Cemeteries which can be ordered here
It is listed at the bottom of the page as "St Joseph, Burlington, VT – 3 Mt Calvary cemeteries –Inscriptions" Soft cover, spiral binding
It was published in 1991 by Anne Marie Dunton; has 326 pages and Costs $15.00