St Joseph Cathedral, Burlington, Vermont

Installation of our New Steeple on 21 May 2019

The Bell Tower and its dome wait to be lifted

At 7am it is lowered into position

It is wet and windy - will they continue?

They are bolting it together

A closer look

From Allen Street

The second and smaller tower and spire awaits its turn

And now the dome

Looking Good

OK, what is next?

Now the Tower and Spire are next

Standing up now

The long pieces will go into the dome

Installing a cap that the golden ball will rest on

Installing the cross with a gold ball underneath

Looking good

Up goes the windvane Rooster

Beam me up Scotty

Going up

Beautiful - How did those French Canadians ever do this job in 1887?

See the drone on the left of the cross? There were two flying all day.

A Job Well Done - even though threatened by wind and rain most of the time

Job finished just after 1pm

When was the Cross and Rooster Originally Installed?

How Large is the actual rooster?

The rooster is a reminder in French Canada of St Peter's denial of Jesus Christ