Renovation of St Joseph Steeple

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St Joseph church was built from 1884 to 1887

After 123 years the steeple problem occurred

Photo taken on 12 November 2010. About a week before this there was a wind storm that caused the 800 pound cross and rooster lean to the East.


A short time later they had a large cable attached to the cross to prevent the cross from falling onto the houses nearby.

On the 12th of April, 2011 the rooster, cross, and part of the spire of the steeple was removed.

On the 16th of April 2011they removed the remaining spire of the steeple.

March 2012


Removal of the dome of the upper empty belfry

October 2, 2015 Peter and I taking photos of the wood joints in the dome of the lower belfry to see if there was any rotten wood

Yucky bird stuff on the upper section

A Great View from up there

June 2018 Removal of both the upper and lower belfry



Watch this Video of the upper empty belfry coming down


This was estimated to weigh 17,000 pounds

Very rugged and well built

There was a severe amount of rot and deterioration in the structure of the Main Belfry